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03/27 17:36:28
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FG-800JP/1100JP Folder Gluer Machine With Inspection Section(Camera)

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Used for medicine package,wine package,cosmetic package and food package printing inspection.


Box folding,gluing and quality inspection finish at the same time,and then remove the rejected sheet.

Set inspection tolerance according to different detect zones,ensure quality and quantity. Dynamically to lerance setting and have regional self-learning function,easy to make little adjustment. 

Testing data automatic storage and classification,easy for data searching.


Box folding,gluing and quality inspection finish at the same time.

The printed side is face down when feeding sheet,effectively avoid secondary scratch.

It can be used as an independent inspection machine or add it on your folder gluer without modify your press.

It can detect the overall information ,including printing quality of both side,die cutting and supervision code,etc.

Easy software design enable the operators mastered the operation skills within two hours. Switching new job takes no more than 2 minutes.

The stable detection ability enable the system's judging standards of rejection close to human standard.pick out the real rejected products and saving cost.





Why choose us

The former of our company is Wenzhou Hade machinery co., Ltd, a professional manufacturer of box folder gluer machines. We ourselves design, produce, sell and develop.

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